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Hello folks,

Here is our story; its a bit complex but not completely unexplainable. Our epic journey that started with a funny little espresso machine in Newbern, Alabama. Not too long later here we are with our own coffee camper, our MugsHot mug warmer, and a dream to start our own online shop centered around all the things we enjoy. A dream filled family with an obsession for coffee, flowers, plants and a lot of other things we may add along the way. We're super glad you're here!

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Drinking so many lattes and cups of tea and coffee has led us into many predicaments of our drinks getting luke warm entirely too fast. Our dad had a solution. An invention that started out using a cookie cutter, a muffin pan, and many tea lights which then morphed into the finished product using a laser cut steel design which holds a common tea light at the precise height to keep drinks warmer, longer. No need for tangled cords and electricity. It's an epic item. Easy to use, cost effective and most importantly, MADE IN THE USA.


My little sister has always wanted to work in a coffee shop. Then she wanted to start her own coffee camper. Somehow. For some reason. Maybe because the coffee camper idea was awesome, we all liked the idea. Our dad was right there supporting and soon LaRae & dad were on the way to Kentucky to pick up the 1969 Serro Scotty blue & white camper of dreams. It took some blood, sweat and tears to get it into coffee shop mode but it was worth it. LaRae sits in our rural town of Newbern, AL Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. Serving exquisite coffee and tea is what she does best. And boy does she get it right. I'm not being dramatic when I say she takes good coffee seriously. 

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On to the subject of flowers and plants. You say they're not connected?! Both myself and our lovely mom have an outstanding love for anything involving flora. Our mom has two different greenhouses in which the one houses all of her houseplants and the other one being where she grows houseplants for you, along with a beautiful selection of bedding flowers. Raising annuals and perennials that may be a bit on the rare side is what makes her business so perfect.

And me? I grow cut flowers with tremendous help and brain power from my mom and an intense amount of manual labor from dad and my husband. We grow them here on our farm north of Newbern. It's a beautiful labor of love and I can't wait to share more about our cut flower journey as well as mom's plants that are available to all you lovely people. More updates and info coming on the blog as we progress. We often find ourselves selling our local blooms at Sweetbriar Tea & Coffee which then makes the world's most stunning one stop shop. I'm positive flowers & coffee are the best combination for happiness.

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